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3 Tips for Booking a Wedding Make-up Artist That’s Right for You

It can be incredibly overwhelming when looking for a make-up artist for your big day, there’s so many out there, how to do you know who’s any good, who’s reliable, who’s available and where do you start?


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Do your research

Start by asking friends, family and other vendors such as your venue if they have any recommendations and go from there. Look up artists on their website, social media accounts and check out any and all reviews you can. You want to make sure the artist is reliable, skilled and is experienced with weddings; an artist who knows when to have the bride ready and the general running of the morning of a wedding is very important.

No recommendations? Hit up Google (search ‘makeup artists near me/location), Facebook and Instagram (hashtag your local area and add ‘makeup artist’ or ‘mua’ for example #newcastlemakeupartist #newcastlemua).

Most professional artists will have a website where you can view a good quality portfolio, check out testimonials and find out more about the artist themselves. Social media business pages such as Facebook and Instagram are great for seeing more behind the scenes images and getting to know the artist on a more personal level, stalk away I say! After all, not only is it important to find an artist who’s work you love, but also an artist you feel you will click with.


Put it in your budget

 Prices vary but don’t let the cost be your only deciding factor, the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ can be very true when it comes to makeup. For a general rule of thumb you should be expecting to pay a professional, experienced and talented artist around £95-£150 for your bridal application alone. Much less than that and it would personally ring alarm bells to me. You’re not only paying for your make-up application, but all the time and communication with the artist beforehand, amongst a bunch of other things. I won’t go into pricing too much, that’s a whole other blog post right there.

As most artists are self-employed they can’t always offer big discounts like your larger vendors. If they say they offer discounts on their website, great, that’s something they’ve budgeted for. But if they don’t, please don’t try and barter with the sole trader. I promise you we’re not ripping you off, this is our full-time job and our prices are set to not only run our business but also to help us pay our bills and support our families.

 Having a professional make-up artist there on the morning of your wedding day can be a lovely a relaxing experience. It takes a stress away knowing that your makeup is going to be applied just as agreed at your trial, is going to last all day and you’re going to look incredible. So many brides tell me know how at ease and calm they felt when having their make-up done. This alone is the perfect reason to hire a professional on your wedding day.

Your makeup is an investment, after the vows are said and the celebrating is over, the day will forever be documented in your photographs and honestly, who doesn’t want to look back and think wow, I looked and felt beautiful? Everyone loves a bargain, but don’t let that bargain be your face, on your wedding day.


Book them

 Often hair and makeup can be the last brides come to book; however, don’t leave it too late. We tend to book up to a year in advance, often even earlier for those prime wedding season dates, so if you find an artist that you love, get in touch as soon as possible to check their availability to avoid disappointment. Saying that, if you’ve left it to the last minute, don’t give up hope, you never know your date may still be available, so get enquiring.

To secure a make-up artist for your wedding day you should expect to pay a booking fee and complete a booking form/contract. This ensures your date is booked in their diary. Like many other vendors, your date cannot be set aside without receipt of a booking fee and a signed agreement, so don’t forget to get these back to the artist as soon as possible. I often see magazines and blog posts advising brides to play some sort of make-up artist X factor and go for a bunch of trials with different artists. Not only is this time consuming and a big expense, it’s also going to get complicated when trying to secure your date. Find an artist who’s work you love, book them, then book your trial when you’ve a good idea of the look you’d like and work with the artist to create that perfect look (I’ll get on to trials more in another blog post).

Sadly, I’m seeing so many brides being bailed on by artists at the last minute, but really if you’re not required to pay a booking fee and set a booking agreement with the artist, it should raise a red flag. You want to be assured that your wedding booking is of the upmost importance, a contract and booking fee is there to protect both parties.


So that’s it, get researching for your perfect make-up artist, don’t forget to put it in your budget and get them booked as soon as possible!

If you’d like to enquire about my availability for your big day, head over here and fill in an enquiry form.






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