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Your Bridal Make-up Trial: What to Expect

It’s that time of year where trials are well and truly underway, so I thought I’d put together a blog post to help you know what to expect at your makeup trial.


I find that there are usually 3 types of scenarios for a bridal makeup trial.

One:  You’ve already found and booked your makeup artist based on their portfolio of work, recommendations etc. and you’re now going to work together to get that perfect bridal makeup. Exciting!

Two:  You’re a bride that’s been told you need multiple trials with multiple artists and end up with what can only be described as Makeup Artist X Factor. But, not only is this time consuming and super costly for you. It’s also risky, because if you haven’t secured your date there’s no promising your chosen artist will still be available.

Three:  You’re a little nervous when it comes to your bridal makeup, and rightly so, it’s a big thing! These brides often find a makeup artist’s work that they love, but would still like to have a trial before committing. If that’s you, it’s ok; many makeup artists offer trials before booking. Just make sure you have your trial ASAP so that you don’t miss out on your date should you love the results from your trial. If this is the case, I always give a heads-up to those brides should anyone else enquire for their date.


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When’s best to have a bridal trial?

Ideally, you’ve already booked your makeup artist and now it’s getting close to your big day, which can only mean one thing, it’s trial time! Trials usually come around the 6-8 week mark before your big day. This is a prime time because you’ve probably got a better idea of exactly what you’d like and your skin is likely to be in the same cycle as your wedding day.

Make sure to get in touch with your makeup artist to check their availability; many are really busy during the weekends due to weddings so it’s useful to have different options for your availability. If possible it’s always lovely for brides to have the makeup trial on a day you may also be having your hair trial and/or dress fitting so that you can get a better idea of how everything will come together. It’s not advisable to have your trial for a night out/engagement party, as the makeup styles are likely to be quite different.


Come prepared

Bring ideas, photos from pinterest/instagram/magazines, photos from your makeup artist’s portfolio, even bring photos of yourself made up etc. The better the picture you have of what you’d like and feel comfortable with, the better picture your makeup artist will have. If you’re very particular about certain colours bring examples, you could even bring your makeup bag with you to show your makeup artist what you prefer. It’s not necessary, but if you’re extremely particular about certain parts of your makeup, it can be useful.

If you’re travelling to your trial, many artists are open to brides bringing along someone for support, whether it’s mum, a bridesmaid or a friend. They can be great for getting a second opinion. Bringing along your whole bridal party however, unless they’re also having trials, may not be advisable.



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Communicate and Collaborate

I ask A LOT of questions, from skin type to personal preferences on colours, textures etc. It’s necessary for me to do so to create an image in my head of what you’re looking for. Communication is key during your trial. If questions aren’t asked and you don’t describe how you’d like your makeup, it’s very likely that what you end up with isn’t going to be close to what you envisaged.

I always tend to work in stages and get each area of makeup (i.e skin, eyes, lips) signed off by the bride before going on to the next. This helps us to build a look that you love gradually and means we can tweak the look as we go along. Be truthful, if you don’t like something or you feel you want a slight adjustment, tell your artist. They should not be offended, after all the whole point in your trial is to work together. There’s nothing worse than being told everything is perfect, only to be told later that it wasn’t what you wanted, when amendments can’t be made. You should walk away from your trial happy and confident with your makeup!


After the Trial

Seeing how products perform with your skin is the other main reason for a makeup trial. Understand that what might work perfectly for someone else, might not for you. So if part of your makeup didn’t wear very well after your trial, don’t panic, just let your artist know. It can be as easy as swapping out a product, setting your foundation a little more or even something a little bit of skincare tlc can sort out.

I always talk about skincare routines with my brides, if you don’t already have one and your skin is in need of some loving, it’s always a good idea to get stuck into one well before the wedding (no less than 4 weeks). I always give as much advice and recommendations as I can, but if you really do have troublesome skin it’s recommended to see a professional skin therapist. If your skin needs some tlc it’s likely going to show in your makeup, so it’s always good to look after your skin in the run up to your wedding.


And finally, relax and enjoy the fact that you’re going to look incredible on your wedding day!






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